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What are the main causes of ankle pain?


The main conditions affecting the ankle are Over Pronation,  Ankle Tendonitis, and Ankle Sprains.

Learn about each of these conditions below.

You can click on each of these conditions to discover more about them and how they affect the ankle — and how footwear can alleviate common symptoms.


Over pronation moves the foot outward, collapsing the foot arch.

This collapse causes excessive strain to the joint ligaments, tendons and bones designed to hold the foot in place under the leg.

You can find out more about Over Pronation by CLICKING HERE.


Have you experienced a dull ankle ache that became a sharper, more pronounced pain over time?

You might be suffering from ankle tendonitis.

You can find out more about Ankle Tendonitis by CLICKING HERE.


When you twist an ankle to the point of a sprain, the nerve fibers need to be rehabilitated while they heal to regain their proper function.

Otherwise they will scar, reducing their ability to function, which can lead to more injuries in the future.

You can find out more about Ankle Sprains by CLICKING HERE.